Who Is LSlater Photography

Hi there! My name's Lindsay!

I'd call myself at this point an advanced amateur/hobbyist at this point in time. I've loved taking pictures since.. Well, I can't really remember back that far..

Throughout high school I was always borrowing my mom's Nikon FM, and having a blast. Several years ago, a co-worker mentioned an opportunity to use a purchase plan with Nikon through our employer. I jumped at the chance, and since then I have devoted much of my free time to building my equipment collection and shooting as much as possible.

I'm willing to try just about anything once, so if you have an idea you want to try, just contact me!

As far as rates and scheduling go, please, contact me and we will make arrangements! Just use the Contact link in the menu bar.

Please note: I am not currently shooting weddings or family portraits at this time. However, I can make some recommendations.

In the real world I am a Photo Lab Assistant Manager at two locations of a Western Canadian drug store chain.